Canada Goes Green!!!

Understanding Canada's Global Impact

Canada's CO2 Emissions Make Up a Very Small Percentage of Global Emissions

Canada's 577 Million Tons CO2 is only 1.58% of Total Global Emissions of 36,420 Million Tons

Emissions from other countries (mainly Asia-Pacific, India & Africa) will continue to increase faster than any reductions Canada may achieve

For another perspective, read "Futile Folly" by Robert Lyman

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is Only Part of Canada's Emissions

Total GHG emissions expressed as CO2e include other gases such as methane (CH4) from Agriculture and Fugitive Emissions

Canada's has committed to reduced CO2e emissions 295.6 to 332.5 Megatonnes by 2030 and 591.2 Megatonnes by 2050

Note: These commitments are slightly different from the 2016 Paris Accord commitments. It is expected that these new commitments will be confirmed at COP26 in Glasgow

Global GHG Emissions are Expected to Continue to Increase Through 2050

Although OECO nations have made non binding commitments to reduce emissions, the bulk of the worlds nations have not

The 2016 Paris Accord Attempted to Reduce GHG Emissions to Limit Global Warming to Less Than 1.5C


Because commitments made by individual countries are non-binding, virtually none are on track to limit emissions as promised

Like all international agreements to date, the Paris accord has not resulted in any reduction in CO2

The next attempt to limit GHG emissions will be COP26 to be held in Glasgow, Scotland in November 2021. It is highly unlikely that any further progress will be made, Politicians will virtue signal their intentions, but after returning home, it will be business as usual. No world leader is going to risk their countries economy by follow the destructive policies necessary to cut GHG emissions.

No Matter to What Extent Canada is Able to Cut Emissions, Global CO2e Will Not Be Reduced!

Canada will experience great pain for absolutely no gain

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